Villotti, P., Gragnano, A., Larivière, C., Negrini, A., Dionne, C-E., Corbière, M. Tools appraisal of organizational factors associated with return-to-work in workers on sick leave due to musculoskeletal and common mental disorders (in press in Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation).


Purpose The objective of this study was to identify organizational factors that are predictive of return-to-work (RTW) among workers with musculoskeletal (MSD) and common mental disorders (CMD), and to subsequently catalogue and characterize the questionnaires (tools) used to measure them. Methods A systematic search on PubMed, Web of Science and PsycINFO library databases and grey literature was conducted. First, a list of organizational factors predictive of RTW for the two populations considered was built. Second, the questionnaires used to measure these factors were retrieved. Third, we looked in the scientific literature for studies on the psychometric properties and practical relevance of these questionnaires. Results Among the factors retained, perceived social support from supervisor and co-workers, work accommodations, and job strain were identified as common RTW factors. Other risk/protective factors, and associated tools, specifically targeting either people with MSD or CMD were also analysed. Conclusions Researchers and practitioners are often uncertain of which tools to use to measure organizational factors which can facilitate or hinder RTW. This study provides an evaluation of the tools measuring predictive organizational RTW factors in people with MSD and CMD. The identified tools can be used in everyday practice and/or research.

Keywords: Common mental disorders; Measurement tools; Musculoskeletal disorders; Organizational factors; Return to work.

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